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Catalyst Jourmey

An in-person immersion in the Rio De Janeiro based Bio Hub 

September 2023


About Sinal do Vale

Sinal do Vale is a 200 hectare campus that fosters a regenerative economy that responds to the challenges of our time. Located in the Serra da Estrela bioregion, at the bottom of Guanabara Bay, 50 km from the center of Rio de Janeiro, SINAL prototypes and develops practical solutions that lead the way towards the regeneration of social and natural ecosystems in the Atlantic Forest biome, focusing on the low-income peri-urban and rural communities that make up the Rio metropolitan region. SINAL has organically grown from a living laboratory of experiments into an emerging bio-hub with a portfolio of projects that are in the process or have potential to become scaled up business models and supply chains for a regional bioeconomy.

Since its founding in 2011, SINAL has grown based on regenerative practice principles and has focused its initiatives around four fields on place, relationships, purpose and practical applications of action: (1) soil, foods, and forests, (2) resilient infrastructure, (3) hospitality, and (4) change-agents.



During a 4 week in person immersion we supported Sinal Do Vale in multiple areas of their operations, strategy and leadership.  This started through an in depth inquiry in what was needed at this moment in time.  We identified 3 areas of focus: visioning support for the founder, coaching support for the leadership team and structuring projects into business cases.  

1. Visioning

Supporting the founder, Thais Corral, in developing and articulating the next phase of development of Sinal Do Vale.  This led to the development of a clearer strategy for 2024 for the organisation as well as an identification of the new skillset and leadership capacity that needs to be integrated in Sinal.

2. Leadership coaching

Supporting the leadership team with 1:1 coaching and identifying their areas of growth and learning.  Team session, including constellation, for the team to clarify joint purpose, unique contributions and recommitting to the vision of Sinal.

3. Structuring projects into business cases

Reviewing current projects and esstablish clear business methodology and structure so that it is easier to pitch the case for funding or stakeholder alignment.  This resulted in 2 key projects that advanced substantially and have more potential to become sustainable bio-economy prototypes.

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