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If Nature Had a Voice is a short book about a girl struggling to find a place for climate change in her life.  She learns about the reasoning behind human's complicated relationship with nature, the chance humans have to survive climate change, and more.  This book will inspire you to make different choices in life that prioritise sustainability and will help you understand the urgency of change.  Humans are destroying the planet, and there seems to be no quick and easy solution to clean up our mess.  If only nature had a voice to tell us what to do...

Proceeds of this book will be donated to plant sequoia trees through the organisation One Life One Tree.


"Nature does have a voice, and She has been speaking.  But who has been listening, deeply listening?  It takes a caring, compassionate and committed human to listen to, respect and understand the role nature plays in our ability to thrive as species on our planet.  Lore is that special human, who is using her voice to help others understand that all change starts with each one of us."


    - Darcy Winslow, President & Co-founder Academy for Systems Change 

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Lore Van Onsem

My name is Lore Van Onsem and I am 15 years old.

I go to an IB school called the International School of Hilversum.

For my Personal Project, I chose to write this book to convince people

into making the necessary sustainable changes in their lifestyle and to

prioritize climate change, much like what Eve’s intentions were when

giving her speech. I hope this book will convince you to join me

in doing everything in your power to reverse climate change.

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