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Lore has joined the Antarctica Expedition in March 2022 together with Robert Swan & Barney Swan to renew focus on this strategic hotspot of climate change. Aligning our vision and passions, the mission is to use adventure as a vehicle to preserve our planet. It is important that we go on an Antarctica expedition and observe the changes that are happening, so that we ensure that we can return home and become advocates for this Last Great Wilderness on Earth!  With Beyonders Foundation we helped Lore raise the needed funds to go on this expedition to further fuel her passion to make a difference!

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  • 10 girls from 10 different countries

  • Creating a project around climate change

  • Developing as a leaders

  • Building an international network 

  • Help making the world a little better

  • Inspire each other


If Nature Had a Voice is a short book about a girl struggling to find a place for climate change in her life.  She learns about the reasoning behind human's complicated relationship with nature, the chance humans have to survive climate change, and more.  This book will inspire you to make different choices in life that prioritise sustainability and will help you understand the urgency of change.  Humans are destroying the planet, and there seems to be no quick and easy solution to clean up our mess.  If only nature had a voice to tell us what to do...

Proceeds of this book will be donated to plant sequoia trees through the organisation One Life One Tree.


"Nature does have a voice, and She has been speaking.  But who has been listening, deeply listening?  It takes a caring, compassionate and committed human to listen to, respect and understand the role nature plays in our ability to thrive as species on our planet.  Lore is that special human, who is using her voice to help others understand that all change starts with each one of us."


    - Darcy Winslow, President & Co-founder Academy for Systems Change 

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2020 Impact Report

Humble beginnings… one step at the time


After years of ideation and especially procrastination I finally made the step in February 2020 to found Beyonders.  It has been my dream for a while now to discover what would be possible if I would follow my passion and try to have a more meaningful impact on the people and world around me.  Now ending the first year, I use this impact report to create transparency about the foundation, reflect back on what was realised, what I learned, and most importantly to thank everyone that supported me on this journey (you know who you are!).  It was exciting to take this first step and to be able to see things come to life… even if it where very small steps, they feel quite big for me and they give me the courage to continue the journey.  Curious what the future will bring!


Feel free to download the complete report and get in touch for any questions or suggestions. 


2021 Impact Report

Steep learning curve...

The year 2021 was in many aspects a copy of 2020 with covid-19 still dominating our lives.  With Beyonders Foundation we focused on the Our Future_Dealing with Climate Change project and continued our 1:1 coaching.  Many learnings arised in the project for all involved.  Next year is another year of inquiry, this time one that includes writing a book on personal mastery.  More to come soon on this!

Feel free to download the complete report and get in touch for any questions or suggestions.


2022 Impact Report

Pushing the pause button...

The year 2022 was a year where I had to push the pause button on the extra coaching and projects due to personal reasons.  The writing of the book is in full swing, 1:1 coaching has continued on a small scale and there has been no time available for other projects.  For next year I focus on getting an accreditation as Facilitator as well as for Coaching, in two course programs that will be from January to August.  Preparing the ground for further steps.

Feel free to download the complete report and get in touch for any questions or suggestions. 

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